USB MIDI Pedal Controller

TEControl USB MIDI Pedal Controller thumbnailConfigurable expression pedal controller with USB-MIDI class compliant interface for use with computer based soft-synthesizers. Configuration utility and documentation available for download on the Support page.

Price: 69.99 EUR (ex VAT)  

The USB MIDI Pedal Controller is designed for musicians who want to connect standard expression or sustain pedals to their computers and add improved expression and realism to their performance and recordings.

TEControl USB MIDI Pedal Controller

The USB MIDI Pedal Controller offers enhanced controllability and flexibility by allowing configurable sensitivity shaping and assignment to any MIDI channel and either CC, Pitch Bend, or Aftertouch.

The USB MIDI Pedal Controller supports both expression and sustain pedals and is configurable for the two most common pedal wirings.

A monitor function simplifying the sensitivity adjustment is provided. This way players can optimize the sensitivity to their own style of playing. The configurable attack and decay filter controls can be set from 0 to several seconds. This allows very smooth swells.

All settings can be configured using the downloadable Configuration Utility. Saving and loading presets to disk files is supported and very easy. In addition the settings can be stored to the controller's non-volatile memory.

Signal processing algorithms guarantee full resolution over the configured sensor input range. The event-driven MIDI output streaming filters out redundant data not to overflow your MIDI input and assures lowest latency. MIDI messages are transmitted only when input changes cause a change in the output value.

The USB MIDI Pedal Controller is USB-MIDI class compliant and will work with the default settings straight out of the box on both Windows and Mac OS X using the built-in operating system USB-MIDI drivers (no installation required). The input is a 1/4″ stereo (TRS) instrument jack and the output is through a USB connector that connects directly to any computer USB port.

The USB MIDI Pedal Controller is intended to be used with existing expression and sustain pedals. No pedal is included.


  • Software configurable min/max input and out ranges, sensitivity, MIDI channel and MIDI CC, Pitch bend or Aftertouch
  • Save and load your presets
  • Full resolution for all input ranges (MIDI 0-127)
  • USB-MIDI class compliant, Plug&Play out of the box on Windows and Mac
  • Configuration Utility available for Windows (XP and later) and Mac OS (10.5 and later)